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Nakanishi, Manufacturer of Compact Motor Spindles

Nakanishi is a compact motor spindle manufacturer specializing in high-speed rotation technology.
We manufacture high-quality products with 90% in-house production rate and Made in Japan quality.

Nakanishi, Manufacturer of Compact Motor Spindles

What Is a Motor Spindle?

What Is a Motor Spindle?

A motor spindle is a device that combines a spindle and a motor. To rotate cutting tools such as drills and end mills at high speed, stable rotational performance, sufficient torque, and high precision are required.

Nakanishi motor spindles that achieve these functions are mounted on lathes, machining centers, robots, and special purpose machines.
They are used in a wide range of processes, including drilling, milling with end mills, grinding with wheels, and deburring with carbide cutters and brushes.

Features of Nakanishi Motor Spindles

Nakanishi motor spindles specialize in high-speed rotation, high precision, and compactness.

High-speed rotation

  • They provide the optimum peripheral speed for
    small-diameter tools that require high-speed rotation.
  • High feed rate is possible, which reduces processing time.
High-speed rotation

High precision

  • Spindle accuracy is within 1 μm.
  • High-precision processing is possible with small-diameter tools.
High precision


  • They can be installed in narrow spaces.
  • They contribute to downsizing of equipment.
  • They can be mounted on robots with small payloads.

Why Was Nakanishi Selected?

In-house development of spindles, motors, and controllers
Our extensive experience enables us to develop products completely in-house to meet the needs of the market.

Global network
We have various sales achievements and provide after-sales service around the world.

The wide variety of product lines specialized in compact size
You can select the most suitable motor spindle for your application, such as a slim type spindle diameter of φ19.05, a high-torque type of φ40, an angle head type, or an automatic tool change type.

Applications Achieved by Nakanishi

Nakanishi motor spindles are used for processing parts in various fields.
Here are some application examples.

  • 自動盤搭載小径工具での穴あけ加工/切削加工
    Bone screw
    Drilling and milling with small-diameter tools by CNC lathes
  • PCB<br>End milling by PCB separators
    End milling by PCB separators
  • Automotive parts<br>Automated deburring by 6-axis robots
    Automotive parts
    Automated deburring by 6-axis robots
  • Dental crown<br>Milling by CAD/CAM milling machines
    Dental crown
    Milling by CAD/CAM milling machines
  • Mold<br>Finishing at high-speed rotation by machining centers
    Finishing at high-speed rotation by machining centers
  • Smartphone cover glass<br>Peripheral grinding by grinding machines
    Smartphone cover glass
    Peripheral grinding by grinding machines
  • Watch parts<br>Milling by CNC lathes
    Watch parts
    Milling by CNC lathes