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Vane motor provides consistent torque

  • ・Outer diameter: φ19.05, φ20, φ22.8, φ23, φ25, φ30
  • ・Max. power: 130 W
  • ・Max. motor speed: 30,000 min-1
  • ・Spindle accuracy: within 2 μm
  • ・One-piece type (all-in-one type) and separate type (combination type) are available to meet various processing applications.
  • ・Can be mounted on CNC lathes, robots, and special purpose machines
Vane motor provides consistent torque


One-piece type (all-in-one type)

・The overall length of the motor spindle is shorter than that of the separate type, making it easier to mount on small, space-saving CNC lathes and special purpose machines.
One-piece type (all-in-one type)

Separate type (combination type)

・Spindle and motor can be freely combined and selected depending on the processing application.・If frequent changeover is required, it is possible to replace with different shapes of spindles.・Easy to exchange for repairs.
Separate type (combination type)

Structure of the air motor

The rotor of the air motor rotates off center in the cylinder. The vanes are pushed by compressed air, which rotates the rotor.

This compact, high-torque air motor is suitable for drilling and end milling applications.
Structure of the air motor


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