Ultrasonic polisher

High-speed polisher using ultrasonic vibrations from 19,000 to 29,000 times per second with a maximum amplitude of 40 μm.
Vibration is not transmitted to the hand, and safety is further improved with high efficiency through circuit optimization and overheat protection function.

Ultrasonic polisher


Improved visibility

The digital LED display on the controller clearly shows the status of the operating function.
Output, amplitude, wattage, and error code are displayed.

The blue LED on the handpiece illuminates during operation to show power on.

Lighter weight

The weight of the controller has been reduced by 29% compared with the previous model. Convenient to carry.
(SHEENUS neo: 2.1 kg → Sheenus ZERO: 1.5 kg)

140 g lightweight resin handpiece body.

High efficiency through circuit optimization

The transmission efficiency has been improved by 16% compared with the previous model: SHEENUS neo.

Improved energy consumption

13% reduction compared with the previous model.
(SHEENUS neo: 31 W → Sheenus ZERO: 27 W)

Overheat protection function

Output automatically adjusts to load to prevent overheating for continuous use.
*In case of a rapid temperature rise, it will stop with an error.


Sheenus ZERO Controller

Sheenus ZERO Controller
Oscillation frequency 19–29 kHz
Frequency control Auto-tracking system
Outputs 45 W (max.) UNCLAMP mode
20 W (max.) CLAMP mode
Output adjustment 21 steps variable
Rated input AC 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 42 VA
Net weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions W161 mm × D256 mm × H84 mm
*Not compatible with the previous model: SHEENUS neo.

Sheenus ZERO handpiece

Sheenus ZERO handpiece
Cord length 3 m
Net weight 140 g (excluding cord)
*Not compatible with the previous model: SHEENUS neo.
*Please use our exclusive tools for Sheenus ZERO.
Use of the others tools may result in premature failure.


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