HES series

MOTOR SPINDLESElectric SystemHESseries


Your machining center transforms to the high-speed machining center.

Upgrade your existing machining centers and milling machines
to high-speed machines.

  • ・Various shanks available: taper (BT, HSK A63, IT), straight (ST)
  • ・Max. power: 350 W
  • ・Max. motor speed: 80,000 min-1
  • ・Spindle accuracy: within 1 μm
  • ・Can be mounted on machining centers and milling machines
  • ・Shows its power in small-diameter drilling and end milling of φ2.0 mm or less
Upgrade your existing machining centers and milling machines<br>to high-speed machines.


Supports φ6.35 tools

Tools with shank diameters up to φ6.35 can be attached.
Please note that the attachable shank diameter size varies by model.
Supports φ6.35 tools

Torque & power curve of HES

Two types of motor spindles are available with motor speeds of 80,000 min-1 or 50,000 min-1.
Motor spindles can be selected depending on the processing application.
  • Torque & power curve of HES810
    Torque & power curve of HES810
  • Torque & power curve of HES510
    Torque & power curve of HES510

Monitor panel

Visualization of processing loadUse of the load meter enables setting of the optimal processing conditions.
Visualization of processing loadRange of motor speedThe motor speed range is wide from 1,000 to 80,000 min-1, and the 2-digit digital display enables the speed to be set in 1,000 min-1 increments. There is no need to set the maximum motor speed as it automatically detects the connected motor.
Monitor panel

External control function

The controller can be externally controlled by external devices such as sequencers.
In addition, the operating status can be monitored by an external device via a monitor output.
*Please refer to the operation manual for details.

External control function


E3000 Controller

E3000 Controller
Rated input AC 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 1.8 A
Rated output AC 33 V, 0–1 kHz, 3 phase, 2.4 A
Max. output 350 W
Rotation speed range 1,000–80,000 min-1
Net weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions W88 mm × D138 mm × H238 mm



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